Slow Motion was launched in 2008 by Smart Fish Culture Studio, the trekking agency Amiwa Trek and the Yoga studio Yoga-Gaia. It is a local team of professionals based in Dali Old Town. Our team is composed of both Chinese and foreigners who have been living in Yunnan for several years. Sharing with our clients a deep-rooted experience of China, our team offers a real bridge between Chinese and Western perceptions.

Slow Motion offers to companies, schools and directly to individuals special thematic tourist tours to discover the Yunnan Province of South-West China and also custom-designed packages for self-development and self-awareness.
We also organize Slow Motion Body & Mind Travel Programs. These programs combine sightseeing off the beaten track and cultural insights with a specific ‘body and mind’ approach. It will give you the opportunity to ‘learn and experience’ Yunnan.

Slow Motion’s programs are diverse and go from relaxing to challenging journeys. Thematic trips about tea or music could complete the opportunity to explore the culture differences and the amazing landscapes of Yunnan.

You can learn more about us on the page About us of this website or have a look at the Slow Motion's Active Members' websites:
Yoga Gaia
Smart Fish Studio
Amiwa Trek

You can also have a look at our current activities in all China and more specifically in Dali, Xiao Yao Center 逍遥馆: