Slow-Motion, based out of Dali Old Town and offering alternative tourism opportunities in Yunnan province, is a small, personal and multilingual organization run by two Europeans and a Chinese native, all of whom have been living in Yunnan for several years.

With our diverse and knowledgeable team, Slow Motion offers unique tourism packages that provide clients with an original and authentic way to discover Yunnan and its culture through:

Cultural sightseeing

Visiting old towns, local markets, minority villages, handicrafts workshops,
religious temples & monasteries, music & dance performances and festivals...

Eastern body and mind practices

Himalayan yoga, Tibetan meditation, Breathwalk, Taiji Quan & Qi Gong.


through Yunnan’s captivating landscapes
Custom-designed for both amateur and experienced hikers.

Chinese cultural activities

led by a Chinese native:
Calligraphy & painting, tea ceremony, Chinese handicrafts, Mandarin putonghuŕ, Kunqu opera, ethnic arts.

Slow Motion was launched in 2008 by the trekking agency Amiwa Trek, the Chinese cultural studio Smart Fish, and the Yoga studio Yoga-Gaia to offer individual tourists, companies, and school groups alternatives to the standard Chinese tour options with a genuine opportunity to discover the beauty and culture of south-western China.
Our team also offers customised packages for health and wellness, self-awareness, and self-development.

Slow Motion's active members


Smart Fish




Amiwa Trek


Friends of Slow Motion

are, among others:

Higherland Inn


Sky & Sea Lodge