Slow Motion Kidaltitude

Kidaltitude: educational programs for kis & teens

The Kidaltitude programs are all custom-designed. They aimed at offering self-development activities to help kids and teens grow in a joyful & accomplished way.

The main educational components of our programs can be presented as follow:

Open yourself & be adaptable

Expose yourself to foreign culture & languages
Face the challenge of a new environment
Go through your own limits at the same time respect yourself
Gain independence & autonomy in different perspectives

Develop human qualities

Connect to others and find your place in a group
Develop your team spirit and your capacity to work in a team
Find the leader in you Learn how to listen to others and to stay neutral (heart intelligence)

Refine your skills & your creativity

Develop your concentration and patience
Know more yourself and your potential
Learn how to deal with pressure and stress
Find what makes you special, be creative!

Improve your health by enjoying…

Daily physical exercises (trek, yoga, sports…)
A pure air and a non polluted environment
Regular outdoor activities (games, sports, …)
A healthy diet (fresh, natural and balanced food).

You can check our Kidaltitude website: !

Dates : upon request, all year round.

Price : prices depend on programs Housing and meals ar always included (i.e. full board).
Usually, plane tickets excluded & no insurance provided.

Contact us for any questions regarding Kidaltitude.