The Slow Motion team comes back with a new program to bring you to discover and explore the province of Yunnan in an original and “mindful” way: experience and re-learn how to travel in a more attentive way.

If mindful is indeed synonym of “attentive to” or “observant”, it also refers to mindfulness that is said in Buddhist meditation to be a needed factor to reach enlightment. In a lighter everyday life, we will notice that less judgment in thoughts, feelings and sensation to welcome what comes to us and accept things as they are helps to be more available to the culture differences and the beauty of our environment. Working on one’s attention and develop curiosity and openness leads to more awareness and hence joy and fulfilment.

Based on the experience of each founding members, the Slow Motion team is organising a 12 days program to experience Yunnan “another way”. High cultural content (well chosen exhibition, interactive workshops and some more entertaining shows) will be balanced by soft hiking and yoga practice, massage and meditation.

Our program will bring you from Kunming to the Bai worlds of Dali and Shaxi: around the Erhai lake, some Northern mountains and the Tea & Horse Caravan Route. Come and discover or improve your calligraphy skills, explore the world of Chinese tea, meditate and give in to the beauty of natural breathwalks except you prefer to go deeper into the understanding of esoteric practices and local cultures…

If you are interested to know more about our mindfulness Yunnan program, write us an email or give us a call!

Dates: Fall/Winter 2010

Prices: depending on group size: 950 to 1350 euros for 12 days and 11 nights housing and meals included (plane tickets excluded)