Autumn 2010 programs!!

Two programs are specifically organised for Fall 2010:


Yogaltitude in Northen Yunnan

, combination of Yoga and trekking ;
see the dedicated page on this website here

- and a more cultural program that should lead to use your mind, body and energy to fully discover and apprciate Yunnan's beauty:

Mindfulness Yunnan

(see page on this website here).

Regular programs


10-15 days
On the old Tea Horse Trade Route, you will travel from South to North Yunnan, from tropical environment to the Tibetan plateau. You will taste, learn and discover all the secrets around Chinese tea, especially the mysterious Pu’er tea.
This program is co-organised by the Culture Studio in Dali Smart Fish and the trekking agency in Yunnan Amiwa Trek.


5-7 days
Discover & Experience the Chinese Way around Dali and Shaxi, by letting yourself into our ‘flow package’ which includes sightseeing, Chinese cultural practices (as tea tasting, calligraphy,...) and relaxed activities (meditation, breathwalk, massage).


10-12 days
During thisTrek+Yoga in Dali/Lijiang mountains you will learn how to manage your stress and build up a clear mind and quiet confidence through daily trek, basic yoga exercises, special breathing patterns & relaxation, completed by a cleansing diet.


7-12 days
Walk, Breathe and Meditate on the old religious roads of Tibetan pilgrims and Christian missionaries in North Yunnan. An inner journey deep into a high spiritual region through the exploration of the 5 elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether).