XiaoYao Studio - Espace culturel à Dali (Yunnan) conjoint à Yoga Gaia, Smart Fish et AmiwaXiaoYao Guan (Guan means Studio in Mandarin) is a space made of two small traditional houses and two courtyards located in Dali Old Town (Yunnan) where the founders of the collective Slow Motion decided to gather their activities : a kundalini yoga studio, an exhibition space, cultural workshops and the office of the trekking agency. A small library is offering here books in English, French, Chinese and German (even some guidebooks in Japanese) about Yunnan, its ethnic groups, history but also books about self development (NLP, qigong, psycho-genealogy, etc.) or novels from the Chinese literature.

Cours de peinture traditionelle chinoise à Dali, XiaoYao Studio, organisé par Smart Fish

Above, a traditional painting class organised by Smart Fish ; on the right, view of the Smart Fish facilities, below: the yoga studio and one of the courtyard of the center.

Espace de Yoga de Yoga-Gaia à Dali Vieille Ville - Yunnan          XiaoYao Studio, un espace de repos et de travail sur soi à Dali, Yunnan

This space is regularly hosting the activities of its founding members (Smart Fish, Yoga Gaia and Amiwa Trek) but is also welcoming external guests and anyone sharing with us the same interest and willing to exchange about them.