Slow Motion Yogaltitude program for Fall 2010

Yogaltitude in North Yunnan

China and India developed a great number of disciplines to heal the body through breathing exercises, simple and dynamic movements, sounds and meditation.

During your stay with us, we will combine daily hikes of different levels, and focus on yoga exercises that blossomed in the Himalaya chains in the North of India.

To relax your body and ease your mind, we advise you to make breathing exercises, simple and dynamic movements, and short meditations an integral part of your day. In doing so, you will be more attentive to the newness.

These exercises are effective tools to better adapt to change. For example, traveling will bring you experiences, surprises, and discoveries, but can also generate stress (change of climate, diet or transportation).

Regular practice of yoga during your stay with us will strengthen your body and your organism. You will apprehend hiking in an easier and more enjoyable way, and take full advantage of the Yunnanese mountain pure air.

These simple exercises will guarantee that you will be at ease and will carefully listen to your own internal rhythm.

This state of wellness will allow you to connect to the diversity surrounding you. We will accomplish this by observing the sublime Yunnan Landscape and Chinese biodiversity reserves, and by discovering cultural diverseness thanks to exchanges with local ethnic groups living in these regions.

A local and healthy diet will enhance your stay, to best fit with this cleansing of the body and mind.

You will come back from this trip in a serene state of mind, full of energy for your daily life.

Please find here more pictures about the past Yogaltitude programmes (2010 & 2011).

Dates : from March 22nd to April 1st 2012

Price : 1080 euros for 11 days and 10 nights, housing and meals included (i.e. full board)
Plane tickets excluded & no insurance provided.